New season brings new clothes to our closets. The weather’s getting cooler and the styles are getting cosier. Let’s check out 10 new fashion trends you will need this winter.

Sweater vests

A sweater vest is a useful body warmer. The best thing of a sweater vest is that it almost goes with everything from jeans to dresses. A sweater vest shoulnd’t be missing in your closet this year.


Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are always a must! But forget about tiny dresses that dominated back in 2010. The color palette is limited to monochrome, and the silhouettes are also different than they used to be.


Tiger Prints

The trend this year is to impact animal prints, so beside your tiger print you might choose to wear cheetah, leopard, zebra or snake prints, too. Animal prints never fail in fashion trends.


Cream Color Boots

This is one of the longest-lasting fashion trends for the past season, and it’s not going anywhere. You can wear cream color boots with dresses for work and blue jeans at the weekend. It’s all up to you to choose your outfit combination.



Add romance into your looks by matching velvet separates with heels. Find beautiful velvet dress in mini or midi lenghts for winter parties or date nights. Velvet is the new trend.


Neutral Tones All Over

These neutral outfits are easy to copy and look magnificent on everyone. Don’t be afraid to explore different tones– you can try sand, camel, or even cream tone. The possibilities are unlimited!


Skirt Suits

If you’re wondering what to wear at work, here is a fashionable alternative for you. The skirt suit is the ultimate combination of energy and femininity.



This classic detail bonds in with the cute, formal and nostalgic aesthetics sweeping fashion – and goes back to the early ’00s. Collars look good with knitwear, or layered over dresses. This small detail will rock your outfit.


Cold Weather Leathers

One of the most influential winter trends is not a surprise. Each of us has at least one item in the closet with this material. Winter is the perfect time of the year when we can wear leather pants, jackets or even dresses.



Entwined in the resurgence of ladylike style, models have been wrapped in cardigans this winter. Not only stylish but they keep you warm, too.



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