Today, modern cuisine is at the heart of all attention. Yes, much more than a functional room, the kitchen is the convivial living space where we spend more and more time! Not only for cooking but also for sharing good times with family or friends, having a drink, doing homework or even telecommuting.

So what does the ideal modern and trendy kitchen look like in 2021? After spending several months deciphering the trend for my kitchen, I am giving you an inspiration guide to give you ideas and help you to design and equip your contemporary and convivial kitchen.

1- Black, a safe bet

In 2021, black is popular. This timeless color is synonymous with elegance . It goes with all styles of interiors. As in this kitchen, you can play on hypersobriety or decide and play on colors, textures and complementary materials.

My advice : combine black with a natural note like wood to soften the decoration.

2 – A white kitchen

The colorful Pop Art-inspired painting gives this very sober white kitchen a touch of fantasy. The marble floor gives it a classic and chic touch while the suspensions above the island give it a modern look.

My advice : in an immaculate white kitchen, bring a little color or material with decoration and accessories to avoid the clinical and impersonal effect.

3 – Yellow for a sunny kitchen

Add some pep to your kitchen with yellow. In this kitchen, the yellow paint contrasts wonderfully with the gray and ensures a cheerful and very contemporary atmosphere.

I like : the harmony of colors! Yellow is the color of good humor, it is lively and sparkling and works perfectly with the softness of gray.

4 – Green for a natural atmosphere in the kitchen

Green is undoubtedly one of the star colors of the year 2021. It is the color to combine serenity and energy in the kitchen . Green provides a particularly enveloping and reassuring atmosphere for a friendly space .

I like : green is a charming asset in a kitchen, whatever its color. Duck green and fir green are all the rage this year, so let yourself be tempted.

5 – Blue for an electric kitchen

Blue in all its shades has been very trendy in recent years. In 2021, it is also found in the kitchen. It brings a touch of originality and a good dose of energy to a room.

My advice: There is so much blue that you can give your kitchen the atmosphere you want by combining it with different materials or colors. Deep blue with marble or wood for a chic and cozy atmosphere or electric blue and white for a more punchy kitchen for example.

6 – Pastel for a soothing atmosphere

Bright and friendly , the pastel cuisine is seductive this year! What do you think of sea ​​green ? It is a good option for the kitchen: it is timeless and brings a refreshing and soothing atmosphere . The sea green furniture and geometric floor of this kitchen create an original and dynamic space.

If green is not to your liking, you can also opt for powder pink , sky blue , or pearl gray .

My advice : no total look, that would be too much! Opt for furniture in pastel shades, a wall or just a few pastel decorative touches.

7 – Terracotta for a friendly atmosphere

Long live the warm colors in 2021 ! Be bold with red, orange or even pink to warm the room.

In this kitchen, the combination of terracotta paint, green furniture and Moroccan-inspired backsplash brings a Mediterranean and very trendy side to the room.

I like : the majestic allure of the brass wall lights in line with the fittings and the handles of the furniture.

8 – White and black for a winning duo

Even if white is not the star of the year, it remains a staple in the kitchen. Combined with black, it is the assurance of a refined and timeless cuisine .

Timeless and modern, white ensures simplicity and the sweetness of life. In contrast, black brings elegance and charm .

My advice : you can choose white and black tableware with a geometric pattern to complete the decoration of your kitchen.


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