Haircuts for heart-shaped faces are so many and can be quickly found. A heart-shaped face is the greed of many women. If you are blessed enough to have a heart-shaped face, you are running with some of the female greats such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Claudia Schiffer. You are lucky enough to be blessed with killer cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a tapered chin. And if you’re one of the few, you also have a widow’s peak, which allows a lot of sultry hairstyles for face shapes.

The best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces will flatter your cheekbones and your eyes and can include and/or incorporate the following options: side-swept bangs, high or lowlights, curls, waves, and long flowing layers.

If you’re looking for a fun new style to enhance your heart-shaped face and gorgeous eyes and cheekbones, check out the following list of popular haircuts for heart-shaped faces.

Delicate Face-Framing Bob

This adorable bob ends right at your chin and perfectly frames your heart-shaped face. The slight angle gives it a contemporary feel. This cut will highlight your cheekbones without drawing attention to your chin.

While wet, apply your favorite styling product and then blow dry with a round brush. Apply a serum for shine and a styling product for added texture.

Center Parted Bangs For Long Hair

It’s no secret that, apart from giving a chic and youthful appearance, bangs can work on your forehead. Since heart-shaped faces have a very prominent, sharp chin, the forehead may appear too broad compared to it.

To sort things out, you can get yourself a stylish center-parted fringe that will bring the balance without fully overlapping your forehead. Plus, it will look gorgeous on long layered hair!

Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Needless to say that pixie cuts in general are the best options for ladies with heart-shaped faces, not to mention that they are extraordinary trendy this season.

We couldn’t simply pass by this awesome pixie with choppy layers and long bangs. That is exactly what you need to refresh your look and to be unforgettably gorgeous wherever you go!

Shoulder Length Shag

Shoulder length hair is the golden ratio of all the lengths possible. Besides the great variety of hairstyles that you can try out, such length offers way more advantages. And the way it goes with layers is the crucial one.

By getting layers, you can lift up the whole mane, spicing it up with volume and organic movement. Now, imagine how many stunning face-framing tricks you can do with these beautifying cuties! Yes, layers are your magic wand.

Middle Parted Wavy Hair

These big, loose waves look great on longer hair and the side swept bangs will soften your face to enhance your gorgeous facial features. Use your favorite styling product after washing and conditioning your hair, then blow dry your hair with a large round brush.

Next, use a large-barrel curling wand to make loose vertical waves. Style your bangs seductively to one side and spray with a lightweight holding spray to keep the flow and movement of those luscious locks.

Textured Bob

With the right styling approach, you can make any bob haircut work for your face shape. To tell you the truth, bob haircuts are the most versatile and flexible ideas ever, so you can’t go wrong with them.



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