Sophisticated Green and Gold Nails

Looking for a glam nail idea? Then these nails are the right for you. The nails feature a white creamy base with gold foil trim around green marble effect nails. These nails are super stylish and would be perfect to wear in autumn and winter if you want to make a statement.

Mismatched berry and textured nails

We have a stylish and seasonal nail art here. These nails feature two different designs, most of the nails are painted in a dark berry hue and one nail is textured glitz nail.

Elegant Nude and Glitter Nails

These nails feature four different designs, most of the nails are painted in nude with flower and rhinestones accent and one nail is textured glitter gold nail.

Latte coloured and glitter nails

These latte coloured nails made me craving for spice latte coffee. The nails feature two different designs, most of the nails are painted in latte colour and one nail is glitter nail.

 Clear and Black Nails

The nails feature different designs, two nails are painted in matte black, two nails are clear nails with butterfly accent and two nails are half black half clear with a butterfly accent.

29. Black and Pink Glitter Nails

We have a showstopper nail design for you to wear this season. Something glitter? Here is black and glitter nail design. Most of the nails are black polish and one nail is pink glitter accent nail. This is a beautiful idea and it will make a statement.

Green, Gold and Black Nails

Another gorgeous example of the unique nail design idea. The nails feature two different designs, the first design is shiny black nails and the second design is marble in black, gold and green. These dark moods are perfect for autumn. Nails like these will suit everyone and if the long nails aren’t for you, then try short ones. It will suit all nail lengths.

Blue and gold abstract nails

If you love the elegant colour palette you need to check this nail idea. We have a funky and unique nail design idea that is perfect for autumn. The nails feature blue and gold colour palette with white accent. Each nail is different when every nail is different that creates a statement-making look.

Two colour nail design

A trendy nail design in green and nude pink. The nails have two designs, two nails are the nude pink base with half green and half silver which draws over a nail in a vertical line. Three nails are simple nail polish in green. This nail design is trendy and would be lovely with any sweater outfit.

Geode nails

Geode nails are one of the most popular looks of the autumn season. Here is a stunning example of geode nail design. We love this design, they have a perfect colour combination of jewel tones. This green and gold geode nail look pair with a green ring-like in the picture below that is so stylish.

 Blush and Black Marble Nails

Here is a stunning example of two colour nail design. We love this design, they have a pretty colour combination. The contrast between bold colour and soft blush really make this nail design stand out.


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