Small bathrooms are one of the biggest problems while decorating your house. On one hand, we can’t live only with some basic elements: toilet, sink, bathroom area and on the other, we have a small restricted bathroom. The solution is making the most of the last millimeter of available surface. Here are our best small bathroom ideas.


 Sliding Doors And Windows

Sliding doors are one of the best solutions to gain meters in small areas. In addition, it is possible to place it without the need of hiring workers by opting for a sliding door with external guide.

Drawers And Cabinets Without Handles (and without doors)

The objective is none other than to prevent them from protruding from the furniture, and therefore lighten the space and avoid possible blows when moving through the bathroom. The nail opening and pressure systems, that is, those that open when pressed by hand, fit perfectly.

Shower Instead Of Bathtub

The bathtub not only takes up a lot of space but also is much less sustainable. Plus it can give people with reduced mobility access and exit problems. By replacing it with a shower tray you will not only gain surface area, but you will also be contributing to the protection of the environment and removing architectural barriers.

Mirror Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets allow you to have two elements in one and save space. With only 10 centimeters deep you already have enough to locate daily cosmetics and hygiene products.

Light And Bright Colors

The choice of color is an indispensable tool to give a feeling of spaciousness with the same available meters. The white, light blue, beige, raw, bright, relaxed and combined coatings without stripes reflect the light and make the space appear larger, mirror walls could also do the trick.

Suspended Items

Exempt sinks, suspended furniture and suspended toilets are visually lighter and keep the floor clear, which facilitates cleaning (something essential in the sink).

Separators And Glass Elements

If you opt for separations, screens and even glass countertops, you will have a much clearer and more zoned space without losing any light, which contributes to give a greater sense of spaciousness. This is a common element for small bathroom ideas!


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