#1 Silver line on neutral nails

Pink Nudé nails are one of the most popular nail designs. There are so many ideas that you can do with pink neutral nails, for example, glitter on the tips, white lines, gold lines, silver lines, etc. The best things about neutral nails is that they are easy to wear and perfect at any time. For this one, we chose neutral nails with silver lines.

#2 Milky marble nails

This beautiful nail design idea is the perfect shiny neutral milky shade in marble that you want for any time of the year. The one is easy to wear and polished with a gold leaf effect.

#3 Delicate gold details

A super cute natural base with some delicate gold details inspired by palm trees and the ocean breeze.

#4 Shiny neutral nails 

This beautiful nail design is the perfect shiny neutral base that you want for any time of the year. The look is easy to wear and the shiny effect makes it look more elegant.

#5 Gradient neutral shades

This beautiful mix and match neutral nail colors are the perfect shiny short nails that you want for any time of the year. The gradient look is amazing.

#6 Pink shiny nails

Soft pink shades are a perfect choice as they suit the romantic occasion perfectly. Here is a beautiful example. These nails are light pink with a shiny effect.

#7 Pink marble short nails with foil details

Are you looking for a soft & romantic nail design idea? Look no further as we’ve found the perfect design for you. The nail features a pink marble effect on short nails and it has been decorated with gold foil to finish it off.

#8 Gradient nail colours

Who would have thought that mixed colours went together so well? These mixed colours combination look incredible.

#9 Floral embellishment ombre nails

If you loved the ombre design and clear nails, take a look at these pretty nails. The nail features ombre natural nails and clear nails with floral acrylics. These nails would be the perfect choice if you want something simple and unique at the same time.

#10 Gold polka dot nails
We have a cute makeover ever! These pink nails with glitter all over is super cute and feminine nails. By adding gold polka dots, you instantly get a glamorous look.


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