Time for a nail refresh, again. We found the most popular spring nail colors for 2021 and rounded up the top selling brands and shades in these tones. If you’re looking for the perfect light and bright nail color to welcome the warm weather, keep scrolling!

1. Pastel Yellow

With spring you’re probably reaching for light colors and neutral shades. Pastel yellow is one you should reach for if you like being a little different without being overwhelmingly over the top. Mustard yellow was a winner in the fall and pastel yellow will be the go-to nail color this spring.

2. Teals and Turquoise

You can’t have a beach trip without a teal or turquoise mani/pedi. If you’re heading for the shore on spring break, match the ocean waves with a bright blue nail look.

3. Chrome Metallics

Metallic shades might seem over the top and overly dark, but they ruled the runways for spring. Metallic and chrome nail polishes make the perfect accent nail paired with a light blush or white manicure too.

4. Neutral Nudes

Not gonna lie, nudes are popular year round but if you stuck to dark nail trends in the fall and winter it’s time to switch it up lighten things up. Your bright and colorful outfits will pair well with any of these neutral shades.

5. Ocean Blues

Another beach-y inspired hue that will scream spring. If you don’t like bright and loud colors, opt for a nice and light ocean blue nail before your next beach trip. We’ve been seeing lots of periwinkles and LOVE it.

6. Pretty Pinks

Trade the red nail with a bright pink or coral tone. It may be a little assertive, but it’ll make any of your outfits shine.

7. White Out

Opt for a crisp and bright white nail to be clean and neutral all spring long! It looks great with any outfit in just about any scenario.

8. Light Greens

Whether you like light or bright, one of these green shades will have your nails blooming like the greenery of the spring!

9. Lavender Love

10. Bright Mandarin Orange

11. Greys and Greige


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