Green makes your nail design eye-catching and looks vibrant. It is a fresh color and is one of the most popular and best colors in spring. If you are considering a new nail design at this time, then the next step is to determine what color nail polish to use. Still choose classic nude colors, red or mainstream pink? Wait a minute, I think it’s time to start trying something brand new. Although green is best used in spring. But some darker greens, such as olive green, are suitable for any season.

Although green is not very common in nail art design, it is not even considered as the mainstream nail color (at least this color will not appear in the top five rankings). But it has become a popular trend for nails this year. Whether it is used alone or matched with other colors, green has a good performance. At the same time, whether it is bright or dark green, it can always give you a new feeling.

Now, let’s start with these creative nail designs, get the best green nail inspiration from these ideas, and find your favorite design. For the next manicure, choose this color so that your nails always look “fresh and vibrant”.

1. Blue-Green

The regular green is good, but using this green will make the nails look more unique. And the shiny silver used in the design will make it eye-catching. The light green marble design makes it look elegant.

2. Classic Green Nails

The classic and always popular green never goes out of style. This color is not only suitable for spring, but it can be used in any season. The combination of matte and bright texture makes it not only eye-catching but also elegant.

3. Cute Cucumber Nails

We often see fruit elements used in nail design, but the nail design of the vegetable series is rare. Therefore, the green short nail design is unique and cute.

4. Elegant Green Nails

The combination of dark green and nude colors makes the design very elegant, and the sparkling green accent nails make it full of charm.

5. Fashion Green Nails

This nail design is always at the forefront of fashion trends, bringing together the currently popular nail design elements (butterfly, yin and yang, smiling face, etc.). This green nail design is stylish and interesting.

6. Creative Green Check Nails

If you are looking for creative green nails, but at the same time you need to design simple enough. Then the idea may inspire you.

7. Green Gold Leaf Nails

The combination of green and white makes the nail design look feminine. The addition of gold foil paper gives it elegance, fashion and charm.

8. Green Gradient Nails

There are many beautiful and popular greens, why choose only one of them? Like this idea, use all the greens you like for nail design to create a gradual style.

9. Green Heart Nails

When we discuss heart nail design, we first think of pink. But if we want to make this style of nail look unique, we have to consider choosing other colors of nail polish. In my opinion, green is one of the good options.

10. Long Green Acrylic Nails

Green nails can also look low-key, not only that, the design is attractive and creative at the same time.

11. Green Marble Nails

The marble nail style is definitely a classic. The use of green in this style of nail design also looks good and makes it more eye-catching.

12. Green Wavy Nails

The wave (vortex) design concept is very popular this year and has become a hot nail trend. This design not only makes the nails look elegant, but also has an abstract visual sense.

13. Minimal Swirl Green Nails

Do you like the swirl design style? But they all seem to look the same. If you are looking for a unique design in this style, then this minimal design may be what you want.

14. Minimalist Green Nails

If only green nail polish is applied, the design may be ordinary. Then use gold to outline the outline, such a green nail looks simple and elegant.

15. Short Green Nails

To get such a plant pattern, you can choose hand-painted or transfer printing. The green background of plants makes the nail design look like a painting.

16. Silver And Green Nails

Want to make your frosted green nails look eye-catching? Please use metallic colors (for example: gold or silver). This is a very simple design, and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. The combination of these two colors always performs well.

17. Unique Color Matching

Full of creative and bold color matching, this nail design will definitely make you the focus of the crowd.

18. Very Light Green

This may be the lightest green I have ever seen, but even so, it still makes me feel “fresh.”

19. Watercolor Green Nails

The watercolor style nail design composed of a variety of greens looks soft and elegant.

20. Watermelon Sugar Nails

The design of this nail is inspired by watermelon candy, looks very sweet, and performs well on short nails. Of course, if you apply it to long acrylic nails, it will be even better.

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