The long bob has been a popular hairstyle now for quite some time. It’s a sophisticated and elegant look that you can style in many different ways. The best part about it is that it complements many different face shapes and complexions. It’s a style that everyone should try out at some point in their life. The LOB or long bob is a cool look that looks great with short or curly hair. There is a ton of different ways that you can style it as well. They can be sleek and stunning or messy and casual. The sky is the limit for what you can do with these styles. We have some really great options for you to try.

1. New Change
Here we get to see the change from long hair to a long bob which is much more flattering for her.

2. Soft Waves
This would be a great look for a day at the beach or out for lunch with your friends.

3. Rounded Ends
The ends here are rounded to give you a sophisticated and classy style. There are so many different ways that you can style your bob.

4. Straight Styles
This is a classic look that is polished. It can be considered casual because the style is normal but popular. It’s a style that you can wear anywhere.

5. Cool Waves
A gorgeous look like this would be cool for work or even a first date option.

6. Flowing Locks
This is a sweet look that you can wear to a wedding or even to the office. A great style that is simply parted in the middle. It’s a look that would not take a lot of time to create. You should totally rock this style out this year.

7. Sleek Style
A great style that is straight and sleek. This style is parted off to one side, and it’s a classy look that you can wear to your next event. We love how polished and shiny the style is. It’s the perfect look for a fresh new style.

8. Cool Curls
A cool style with fun curls that would be perfect for your next wedding. Styles like these are always popular looks, and they are easy to style. You can rock this style and turn heads at your next event.

9. Sharp Styles
This style is sharp and cool. If you like as a sophisticated style that is classy, then you can’t go wrong for you.

10. Gorgeous Curls
These two styles are very similar, but one is just a little more curlier than the other. It’s a pretty style that you can wear to an event or a date.

11. Cool Angles
Another angled bob that is long and polished. If you keep your angled bob straight then, the angle is much more prominent.

12. Sexy Styles
This messy style is long and super cool. It’s a look that you are sure to love wherever you go.

13. Layered Styles
A stunning style that is layered and styled to perfection. This would be a great look for a professional environment.

14. Blunt Cut
A blunt cut like this will make the style more polished and sophisticated. If you have a professional career, then you should try this style out.

15. Cool Angles
Another great style that is angled and looks amazing with the waves. Try it out for yourself this summer, and you will see what we mean.

16. Sharp and Sleek
A solid style that is sleek and well put together. We see it at every angle and it’s a pretty cool hairstyle.

17. Sophisticated Style
The long bob looks amazing on its own, but we have to admit that the color is what really makes the style stand out. It’s a combination of light and dark that really makes the style pop.

18. Beautiful Hairstyles
A great look that is very long. If you aren’t ready to commit to a hairstyle that is short, then this might be the look for you.

19. Long Angles
This is a very dramatic long angled bob. It’s a dramatic style that is sure to draw a lot of attention to you. If you want a dramatic change, then try out this style.

20. Fun Layers
Layers will give your look extra volume that anyone would love.

21. Partial Styles
If you are looking for a gorgeous lazy day Sunday hairstyle, then this partial updo is perfect for your bob.

22. Bold and Sharp
A great long that is angled and quite sharp. This sophisticated style is unique and bold.

23. Rounded Style
A sharp style that is angled and the bottoms are rounded inward.

24. Hot Styles
A stunning color that has some bright, white highlights. It’s a short style that is classy and bold.

25. Layered Love
It’s a short look that has some layers in the front. It’s a casual look that you can wear every day.

26. Bold Colors
A cool look that is wonderful and just has a slight angle. The colors really make the look perfect for the summer.

27. Blunt Bangs
This style is another example of an angled bob. You can see the dramatic dip. The bangs are cut bluntly and this style is changed completely because of the bangs. If you have bangs or not, this look will change your life.

28. Sleek and Beautiful
A stunning look that is sleek and bold. You could easily wear this style to a fancy event or even for a professional environment. It’s a great look that is polished. You are sure to get plenty of compliments from this gorgeous look.

29. Bold Bobs
A bold style that is fun and fresh. It’s a shorter bob with some casual waves to it. This is a very versatile look that you can wear anywhere. Try waves and make it your summer look

30. Tight Styles
This is a super short bob that is angled quite high in the back. The highlights really make the angles stand out. If you want a dramatic style, then you may have just found it.


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