Most parents will agree that choosing the perfect baby name is not an easy task. We all want to get it right. We want a name our child will proudly carry.

A lot of parents agree that it’s easier to find a name for a baby girl than a baby boy. That’s why you might need a little bit of magic help.

We offer you the ultimate list of Disney boy names from traditional to totally unique and daring ones.

Every name comes with an explanation about the character it is related to, name meaning, and origin which might help you decide upon the name best suited for your baby prince.

Most Popular Disney Boy Names:
The cheerful and opinionated crab, Sebastian in “The Little Mermaid” is the king’s servant and musical composer and, most importantly, Ariel’s loyal friend.

The name dates way back to the Middle Ages and is connected to the Christian martyr St. Sebastian.

The meaning of the name is “respected” or “admirable”, and it’s of Latin origin.

Nash is a modern name among Disney male names that dates back to history and stands out among all other popular names.

Nash is the cutest T-rex dinosaur among Disney characters. He has the role of Ramsey’s little brother in “The Good Dinosaur”.

Nash was originally an old English surname that got transferred into a name. It was a typical surname of people who once lived near the ash tree.

Norse, Germanic, and Celtic cultures used to believe that the ash tree possesses magical powers.

Also according to Norse mythology, he was the first man—the gods created him from an ash tree.

Louis is a chubby and adorable alligator from “The Princess and the Frog”. He is a trumpet player with the dream of becoming a jazz singer one day.

Louie, a similar more modern version of the name Louis, appears as Donald Duck’s nephew.

Also, Louis is a royal name because it has been used by the French royal family for hundreds of years.

No less than 18 kings bore that name. Louis is definitely a name worthy of your little prince.

Robin is the name of the daring hero of Sherwood Forest in the “Robin Hood” romantic musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney.

He steals from the rich to give to the poor. He is seen as an outlaw by the aristocracy but as a hero among the peasants.

The uniqueness of the name Robin is that it can belong to both girl names and boy names categories.

It’s one of those boy names from Disney movies that are universal and very trendy. It’s a reference to a bird Robin and also as a diminutive of Robert which means ‘bright fame’.

Prince Eric’s English sheepdog in “The Little Mermaid” is named Max.

He is very attached to both Prince Eric and Ariel, and he does his best to keep them from any evil.

Max means “the greatest”, and it’s derived from the Latin name Maximilian. It’s one of the most powerful and simple male Disney names many parents go for.

The name Timon comes from the Greek language and it means “reward, honor”.

The name is often mentioned in Greek philosophy and in one of the Shakespearean plays, “Timon of Athens”.

But nowadays, especially among younger audiences, the most famous Timon is one of the major characters in “The Lion King”.

He is a witty meerkat full of energy and a great friend to Pumbaa.

Imaginative and warm-hearted boy, Andy is one of the main characters in “Toy Story”.

Among all other toys, Buzz Lightyear and Woody are his favorites.

Andy is usually a diminutive for Andrew which originates from the Greek name Andreas, meaning “manlike” or “brave”.

For parents looking for a short but beautiful name with deep meaning, Andy is a great choice.

Although Ian is the name of one of the minor villains from “The Princess and the Frog”, we can’t help but notice the beauty of the name.

The name is of Scottish origin, and it means “God is gracious”.

The name’s popularity got raised thanks to Ian Somerhalder a.k.a. Damon Salvatore in the CW’s supernatural drama, “The Vampire Diaries”.

Rex sounds powerful, noble, and in its essence, it means “king”.

Once you relate it to the sweet and shy dinosaur in the animated film “Toy Story” you know you are on the right track.

It is a cool, strong, individual, upbeat name worthy of a little king. It’s definitely a name that will make an impact, and it won’t be easily forgotten.

Stefan is derived from Stephan, and it symbolizes ‘crowning glory’.

If you ask Disney, it’s a name worthy of a king—to be precise, he is Aurora’s dad in “Sleeping Beauty”. If you ask me, it’s one of the cutest male Disney characters names!

Apart from Disney, the name of the lead actor in Wesley’s TV series, “The Vampire Diaries” Stefan Salvatore made the name more famous as his vampire character won the sympathies of women.

Eric the confident and elegant prince who falls madly in love with Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” is really someone you would like to associate your little boy with.

Eric, meaning ‘eternal ruler’, just makes you see your little prince conquering the world one day.

Among the famous bearers of the name, Eric Clapton stands out and is followed by Idle, Dane, Cowell ( Simon Cowell’s son), etc.

Tall, strong and handsome Kristoff is a character from ”Frozen”, and his name, as well as his character, is powerful and masculine.

Sorry Olaf, we like you too, but we like Kristoff as a name better.

He doesn’t think twice before helping Princess Anna search for her older sister Elsa in the North Mountain.

Kristoff is originally a Scandinavian baby boy name with growing popularity in the US.

The name means ‘bearer of Christ’ and is a modern version of Christopher.

As I mentioned above, Christopher is an older version of Kristoff, and its meaning is the same: ‘bearer of Christ’.

This name is one of the most popular Disney boy names of all time, and it’s no wonder because it’s always going to sound trendy.

Christopher, one of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends, is the cutest little boy and only human character in the story.

Just like in real life, in the world of Disney, Philip is a name worthy of a prince. Prince Philip is a character in “Sleeping Beauty”.

Allegedly, he has been named after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who was well known all through America at that time.

The name Philip comes from the Greek Philippos meaning ‘friend of horses’.

Walt Disney’s Philip is a handsome, brown-eyed prince who is incredibly clever and thinks on his feet.

Above all, he is brave enough to save Princess Aurora from Maleficent and awaken her with a kiss.

Felix is the name of the protagonist in the animated Disney movie, “Wreck-It Ralph”.

With his magic hammer, Felix can fix and heal any damage or illness.

The sole meaning of the name—”lucky, successful” (from Latin)—was enough for many parents around the globe to name their child that way. The name will fit your little boy perfectly.

One of the most famous Disney characters of all time is without a doubt Mickey from our favorite childhood cartoon, Mickey Mouse.

Every time we hear the name Mickey mentioned, it’s cuteness overload, and it’s no wonder it was one of the most popular names in the 1950s.

These days it’s not so common, so maybe that’s why it’s perfect for your son.

If you are still not convinced, maybe the meaning of the name will persuade you. In Hebrew, Mickey means “who is like God” or “gift from God”.

Don’t you just love the symbolism?!

Disney Boy Names With A Touch Of Class And Tradition
If you are into more classical yet modern names, Bruce is your perfect choice. It’s the name of a character in a Disney movie, “Finding Nemo”.

Bruce is not your everyday scary fish-eating shark. He is a vegetarian—kind, compassionate, and loving.

The name is strong and masculine, and we often associate it with famous people named Bruce like Lee, Willis, Springsteen, and even Batman because he is, in fact, Bruce Wayne.

Oliver is the name of the main protagonist in “Oliver & Company”. The name is of French origin, and it means ‘olive tree’.

Oliver is a stylish and energetic boy’s name, and it’s been popular for quite some time.

Besides Disney’s Oliver, there is Oliver Twist from the Charles Dickens’s novel and famous Olivers like Hudson, Reed, Platt, Stone…

The action of an animated Disney movie, “The Sword in the Stone” revolves around a little orphan boy named Arthur who in spite of all obstacles becomes the King of England.

Arthur is indeed a royal name. A King Arthur of Britain ruled in the 6th century. With his Knights of the Round Table, he is a legend known all over the world.

The name is historical with multiple meanings. It’s originally Celtic, and it means ‘strong as a bear’. Other interpretations say it means “noble or courageous”.

In any case, it’s a good name to bear.

Two notable Disney characters were named Thomas, John Smith’s best friend from “Pocahontas”and the wise cat from the Disney movie “The Aristocats”.

Thomas is a classic, traditional, and commonly used baby name in both the U.K. and the U.S.

The name is of Aramaic origin, and it means “twin”.

This name is so popular and so timeless that two Disney characters were named Michael—one from “Peter Pan” and one from “Mary Poppins”.

It originates from the Hebrew name Mikhael, which means ‘who is like God’. In Christianity, Michael is the name of the patron saint of soldiers.

Some of the most famous people bore this name like Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan.

It’s safe to say that this name is everlasting, and it will never go out of style.

There is more than one James among Disney boy names. The most famous one is certainly Captain James Hook from “Peter Pan”.

But if you are not too eager for your child to carry the name of the best-known villain, there is a brighter way of looking at the name.

For instance, King James, a character in “Pocahontas” or James, Tiana’s caring father from “The Princess and the Frog”.

James comes from the Hebrew name Yaakov, and it means ‘at the heel’ or ‘supplanter’. It’s a Biblical name that will always be modern.

Chip (Charles)
If you are a fan of short and cute names, Chip is the right choice. Chip is a Disney character who is always with his brother Dale in the Chipmunks.

Chip is also the name of the son of Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast”.

If you like Chip as a nickname and not so much as a name, you might consider Charles as your alternative for a name.

It means ‘free man’, and it sounds aristocratic, noble, and confident.

Peter from the ”Peter Pan” series is the free-spirited and devilish boy everyone adores. He is the leader of the lost boys on the island of Neverland.

The name has Biblical connotations as Peter was one of the first disciples of Jesus. He is a Catholic saint and the first bishop of Rome.

The name comes from the Greek Pietros, and it signifies a ‘rock’.

Everybody’s favorite character from “The Lion King” is definitely Simba. As a young cub, he is overconfident and adventurous.

As he gets older, he learns to be more down-to-earth. He is an honest, righteous, and beloved king who nurtures his inner child and rules with his heart.

Among Disney baby names, Simba is definitely the cutest one. It comes from Swahili, and it means “Lion”.



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