Vintage– it’s a word that can add value to anything. Selling designer jeans online can rack up the price 30% just by adding a #Vintage. Entire stores design their marketing around the vintage feel. Something about the old days just oozes charm. Baby names have gotten pretty modern in 2019-2022. The celebrity world has been spending the past decade or so paving the way to that. Kylie Jenner named her baby girl Stormi. Cardi B went for Kulture. Nearly 15 years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow was starting the trend by naming her daughter Apple Martin.

Not every mommy-to-be wants an “out there” name, though. For all the Bronx Mowglis and Royal Reigns in the celeb world, there’s something about the statement names that’s making moms run for the hills. Way more appealing (and coming back in style) are vintage names. They’re classic, elegant, and timeless. Precisely why anything “vintage” can work in 2022.

Mommies-to-be can easily spend 90% of that pregnancy trawling the Internet for baby names. The lists are all over the place. By and large, lists gobble up time with scrolling (and not much result). Either they’re too wacky or they just feel wrong. Naming that baby might not be challenging like labor, but it’s way more permanent. It’s time for a look at the vintage baby names that are coming back in style like nobody’s business. Some date back to when the world was in sepia or black and white, others have a ’50s or ’60s feel. Either way, they’re perfect. Here are 25 of them.

25 STELLA Here’s an example that’s 100% true. You’re looking at someone whose mother was born in 1945. Her name is Stella. Every time she hears her name mentioned, she’s startled– “my name is trendy again?” Yes. Stella is the beautiful baby girl’s name that means star. With roots in Italy and Latin links, this name is classic, feminine, classy, and totally unique. It feels slightly old fashioned, but with stars like Stella Maxwell and the designer, Stella McCartney, this name is anything but past its prime.

24 EUGENE There’s a whimsical, old-fashioned feel to Eugene. This time 10 years ago, mommies were turning it down for being too old-school. Now that everything vintage is back “in,” Eugene is set to shoot up charts. This boy’s name stands out for its unusual vowels, wide, open sounds, and awesome meaning of “wellborn, noble.” With origins in ancient Greece, this name also comes with prestige. The name ranked 814th in 2017 for boys, but we’re predicting a higher ranking in 2022.

23 DOROTHY Scarlett Johansson has named her daughter Rose Dorothy. With a Wizard of Oz feel and a fairytale sound, Dorothy is the adorable, light-hearted baby name that immediately conjures up pictures of gingham dresses, braids, and that “Yellow Brick Road.” The name itself means “gift of God.” Back in the 1930s, the name was being picked over and over. With a bit of a lull, Dorothy is back in style. Sure, it was good for Golden Girls, but there’s way more to Dorothy in 2022.

22 ARCHIE Archie is the beyond-cute baby boy’s name that’s a diminutive of Archibald– it starts to make sense, right? While Archibald can feel a touch stuffy, Archie offers the best of both worlds by being both vintage and fresh-sounding. “Truly brave” is the meaning of this name. Of course, there’s the TV series, Archie. That shouldn’t be dictating a baby name choice, although it does prove how popular the name is. We also see the name is Riverdale and Monarch of the Glen.

21 CORA Sometimes, a mommy to a beautiful little girl wants a simple, soft name. While Grace or Hope can feel a little too “meaningful,” Cora is the adorable girl’s name that’s so soft, you could name an ice-cream flavor after it. With a soft “c” opening and simple sounds to follow, this name comes with a distinct vintage feel. The name was given to the daughter of Zeus, so don’t think it was just randomly thought up. Downton Abbey has a Cora– if anything is vintage, it’s that show.

20 EFFIE Never in a million years would you imagine that Effie means “pleasant speech.” This cute-as-a-button girl’s name has the “ie” ending that so many moms go wild over. We see it with Cassie, Carrie, Maddie, and Charlie. Effie is definitely different, though. With a throwback vintage feel, this girl’s name comes with unusual “F” letters, but it isn’t so unusual that people will be wondering how to pronounce it. Basically, Effie is the vintage name that’s fuss-free. It sounds cute, it reads easy, and you can totally picture that little Effie smiling.

19 HAZEL Hazelnut lattes are now almost more popular than regular ones. Not that anybody is suggesting you turn to Starbucks for inspiration, but the nutty trend is definitely out there. Hazel is the classic, vintage girl’s name that is also an eye color. With an unusual “z,” this name steers clear of “wacky,” but the letters make it utterly unique. “The hazelnut tree” is the meaning of this name, so for any mother looking to embrace nature with a baby name, it’s perfect.

18 FLETCHER Now there’s an unusual boy’s name. Absolutely rocking the vintage vibe, Fletcher is the baby boy’s name that’s dapper, catchy, but steers clear of being pretentious. “Arrow-maker” is the meaning of this name. Yes, it’s a touch quirky. Anything vintage is. Phoebe on Friends loved everything vintage, and she was quirky in all the right ways. The name works great shortened to Fletch, although something about this boy’s name makes us want to stick to the original. Find another baby boy who’ll have this stunning name.

17 SHELBY Not so long ago, Shelby was the name your grandmother had. You loved her, but the name totally came with a #OldLady. Not anymore. Shelby is the vintage baby name that’s coming back in style, like woah. It’s now gender-neutral. With a soft sound and a meaning of “estate on the ledge,” this old-fashioned name has simple sounds, a playful ring, and it’s just perfect for a mommy-to-be who’s digging the vintage vibe. The name has featured in Steel Magnolias, Glee, and The Client List.

16 FELIX No words for how badly we’re crushing on this name. Felix might bring up images of cats, but those cats are being named after something awesome. It’s called a boy’s name. Felix works in 2022 because of its statement “f” opening, signature “x,” and the fact that everybody still loves it. “Happy, fortunate” is the meaning of Felix. Come to think of it, we all want a happy, fortunate baby. There’s even a Felix in the 007 James Bond series. #Awesome

15 LYDIA It’s lyrical. It’s feminine. Basically, it’s gorgeous. Lydia is the vintage baby girl’s name that never went out of style. With a meaning of “woman from Lydia,” you’re looking at a little mystery, although she can totally make that her own kingdom. With origins in ancient Greece, this name comes with prestige, history, and flair, but it doesn’t sound pretentious. We’ve seen the name in Breaking Bad, Pride & Prejudice, Mrs. Doubtfire, and countless other popular culture references. For a stunning vintage name, go with Lydia.

14 BENTLEY Viewers of Teen Mom OG will already be familiar with a very famous Bentley. Maci Bookout chose this vintage baby name for her son ten years ago, and she chose well. Bentley is actually gender-neutral. It works as well for boys as it does for girls. With a slight Hollywood vibe thanks to Bentley cars, the name nonetheless has a meaning of “meadow with coarse grass.” It’s perfect for an outdoorsy, country boy who might just have a classy streak. We also love the “ey” ending.

13 IRA
Ira is the gender-neutral, vintage baby name that’s basically going to be the trend-setter of 2022. “Watchful one” is the meaning of this super-short name, although there’s beauty in every letter. With Hebrew origins, this name channels an international edge, but it isn’t a city name. Ira is unusual from its first letter to its sound– basically, everyone will be doing a double-take, it’s so beautiful. In many parts of Eastern Europe, the name Ira is shortened from Irina. We think Ira is perfect as it is.

12 JOSEPHINE It’s so girly, we want to steal it right now. Josephine is one of the longer girl’s names on this list. With every letter stunning, it isn’t a name that sounds clunky, tough. Vintage (but not in a grandma way), Josephine is the name that coined the phrase: “Not tonight, Josephine.” The meaning of this name is actually “Jehovah increases,” although you don’t need a religious affiliation to pick it. The name was already ranking 107th for baby girls in 2017. It’s only going to keep shooting up.

11 MAXWELL You know a vintage name is back in style when it’s gender-neutral. Maxwell is the boy or girl’s name that comes with a grounded sound, an eye-catching “x,” and a little something special. With the meaning of “great stream,” this name also comes as pretty powerful. With origins in Scotland, there’s also a wilderness beauty to this name that you tend not to find often. The Nanny had a Maxwell for a boy, as did a character on Roswell. There’s plenty of room for girls, though.

10 IVY Let’s just remember that Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy. This vintage botanical name conjures up images of lush courtyards, enclosed patios, and all the vibes of cool summer. With just three letters, Ivy makes a pretty big statement for such a short name. It’s been picked over and over by mothers who wanted a green-inspired name, and it certainly isn’t going out of style. The named ranked 108th as the most chosen baby girl’s name of 2017. It’s on the up.

ETTA Not a chance that you’d know “estate ruler” is the meaning of Etta. With a classic, vintage feel and a slight ’40s feel from the singer, Ella Fitzgerald, this similarly beautiful name is on our list for a reason. Mommies in 2022 are all about the short names with double letters. We see it with Ella, Ellie, Carrie, Cassie, and Annie. Etta is different, though. With origins in England and Scotland, this name has been rocked by Wonder Woman comics characters, and your little girl can rock it, too.

ELSIE Elsie will forever be lovely. With a vintage feel that perfectly contrasts its modern edge, Elsie is the girl’s name that actually means “pledged to God.” It’s a diminutive of Elizabeth, so it’s perfect for a mother who wants a traditional name with a cute edge. Elizabeth can feel a bit uncontrollable. Despite being beautiful, it is long. Elsie is short, sparkly, not overly flowery, and it’s perfect for a baby girl born in 2022 In fact, this vintage name will totally be trending in 2023.

AUDREY You can’t get more vintage than Breakfast at Tiffany. Ariana Grande channeled the iconic movie for her “7 Rings” song, although she didn’t mention the movie’s actress, Audrey Hepburn by name. Audrey is the classy, demure, chic baby girl’s name that’s guaranteed to earn a #Vintage. “Noble strength” is the meaning of Audrey. The name was already so popular in 2017, it earned a #46 slot as the most chosen baby girl’s name. The name has featured in Dawson’s Creek, Rules of Engagement, and Twin Peaks.

OAKLEY There’s a smokey, outdoorsy feel to Oakley. The kind that makes you picture crunchy, fall leaves, a smoking meat stand, and the rich colors that frame the outdoors before winter sets in. Cozy, with a vintage feel, Oakley is the gender-neutral name that’s going to take 2022 by storm. With a meaning of “oak wood or clearing,” this one is absolutely for a country momma. With a cowboy hint and a touch of class, a baby Oakley will be standing out for all the right reasons.

HARRIET We basically picture Queen Elizabeth I of England being followed around by a bunch of ladies in waiting called Harriet. We’re not far off. This name has origins in England, although it is the variant of Henriette from France. Definitely channeling the vintage edge, this girl’s name has class, prestige, and cuteness. It also somehow totally suits a hat. Harriet may have been “too” old-fashioned this time ten years ago, but all things vintage are back in vogue. We love Harriet.

POLLY It’s virtually impossible to picture a Polly who isn’t adorable and innocent. This girl’s name comes with an upbeat sound, unique letters, and a vintage feel that warms the heart. Polly is a variant of the name Molly. That one is a diminutive of Mary. Amazing how the chain works, right? For a mommy-to-be who isn’t too keen on Mary but wants to keep a traditional link, Polly is perfect. Aunt Polly was Tom Sawyer’s guardian in the Mark Twain book. Totally vintage, right?

LAURENCE Sometimes, a mother wants a debonair name. Those mothers are catered-to with Laurence, which is now gender-neutral. With alternate spellings of Lawrence or Lorenz, this name stands out for feeling traditional and brand new all at once. A baby boy or girl in 2022 is definitely brand new, but with the vintage trend sweeping, it’s totally worth looking at the old-fashioned names. Laurence was a male character in the book and movie, Little Women. We’ve also seen the name used by Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling.

BIRDIE Jessica Simpson’s 2022-born baby girl is named Birdie. Clearly, the vintage names are back on-trend. Birdie is the adorable, bird-like girl’s name that channels all things delicate and sweet. It’s also super-unusual. With a cute, “ie” ending and a meaning of “bird,” there’s no confusion over why moms are crushing on this name. Given that so many longer names wind up with an “ie” nickname, it seems perfect to choose one that doesn’t need shortening. Birdie is one to watch (or steal).

1 BARNABY We’d have a hard time pushing the other 24 out the way, but sometimes, you want to leave the best until last. Barnaby is the adorable baby boy’s name that’s so vintage, it’s worth its own category. Rarely heard and rarely chosen in the US, Barnaby nonetheless remains popular in the UK for being a treasure of a name. With an upbeat sound, a meaning of “son of consolation,” and links to Charles Dickens, this old-school name is perfect for all the right reasons.