If you wish to channel an era past while naming your sweet little daughter, old-fashioned girl names are what you should be looking for. Sometimes, new parents love the retro vibe or want to settle on a moniker for their newborn that reminds them of the yesteryears or simply that they know deep down that the baby girl is an old soul.

While the world has progressed, we still miss certain things of the bygone era that are lost or on the path to extinction. If you are a parent who loves reminiscing the good ol’ days, the innocence of times that would never return, here are a few old-fashioned girls’ nicknames that certainly match the flavor of our times but give you the taste of the best years of past decades that’ll never return. These names can be paired with a contemporary one, so it sounds fresh but takes you down memory lane. Here are a few you must consider on your list.

1. Birdie

A feminine name of English and Swedish origin, Birdie means “bird”. Simple meaning, but it’s so quirky and cute that it continues to maintain its popularity even to this age. Quite the vintage charm that this moniker stands for, it’s a worthy nickname for your baby girl, especially if you’re a nature or bird lover.

2. Bonnie

An evergreen name, Bonnie happens to be quite a loved moniker worldwide. It’s got Scottish and French roots with slightly different meanings. While the Scottish meaning is “pretty, attractive”, the French meaning is “good”. Either way, this is quite a fun name that’s also meaningful enough to make it to your list.

3. Goldie

If you love metal gold and you believe that your baby girl is nothing short of pure gold, this is a moniker you can’t say no to. Quite the nickname mainstay of the 19th century, Goldie is a popular character name on TV, The New Normal. While it sounds a bit common these days, it carries the charm that makes it a catchy moniker.

4. Flossie

Meaning “flower, prosperous or flourishing”, Flossie is a baby girl name with Latin roots. If spring is your favorite time of the year or just the sound of this name makes you feel good, it’s a beautiful choice for your little girl. In Roman mythology, Flossie refers to the goddess of springtime and is a diminutive of Florence. Cute and sweet, Flossie was popular in the early twentieth century and is still a much-loved nickname for adorable baby girls.

5. Minnie

Sweet-sounding and ultra old-fashioned, Minnie is a popular nickname choice that’ll make everyone fall in love! A classic name, if your girl bears names like Mary, Margaret, or Minerva, Minnie is a great nickname to narrow down on. A girl’s name which means “of the mind or intellect”, Minnie is another super fun and cute name, primarily because of the association of this moniker with Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. Several other characters called Minnie in Dickens’ Little Dorrit and Mourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O’ Neill.

6. Polly

An English variation of Molly, Polly means “drop of the sea or beloved”. Polly is associated with Tom Sawyer’s aunt. She is also a character in the movie Along Came Polly, C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, and the recent Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. It’s adorable and has a lovely ring to it, which makes it a good contender on your baby girl’s name list. It’s indeed got a peppy vibe to it.

7. Millie

A name with German, English roots, Millie means “gentle strength” and diminutive of an appealing long-form, Millicent. It’s offbeat, vibrant, and a pretty cool name for your cute little daughter. It’s a winner among popular nicknames for baby girls, especially for parents who find old-fashioned sweet and meaningful.

8. Winnie

Winnie has English roots and means “gentle friend, holy peacemaking”. With such a colossal vintage charm, this moniker has such a lovely ring to it; it’s got to be a hot favorite among millennial moms. One favorite character bearing this name is Winnie the Pooh, Winnie Mandela, the former wife of President Nelson of South Africa, Winnie Foster, a lead character in the classic Tuck Everlasting, and also happens to be the nickname of Winston Churchill. The list of famous personalities and fictional characters associated with this name is long, but Winnie certainly leaves a lasting impression as a pet version of longer monikers like Edwina and Winifred.

You can breathe new life into old names with some twists and turns. While these names in the list are old-fashioned, they certainly haven’t lost the spark they did even centuries back. Their appeal is beyond time, everlasting, and we believe they’ll never lose their sheen, no matter the age we belong in. Do you have some more old-fashioned baby girl nicknames to add to this list?