We’re seeing the trend of dark red hair colors explode as we’re nearing the autumn. If you’re looking for something simple maintenance or ways to keep your vibrant look understated dark red hair shades could be the perfect choice because they compliment the most skin tones. We’ve picked our favorite designs to peruse to find the best darker red inspiration. From auburn to dark cherry hair colors, we have the entire range of dark red hair colors included.

1. Cherry Red Hair with Bold Highlights in Red
Deep red has combined the most popular hair styles the red hair color of cherry gives an array of texture and depth and the bright red hue adds some spice and adds a pop of color. This is a great choice for women who appreciate elegant, sophisticated hair color.

#2: Dark Auburn Hair
The dark red hair is a scream of autumn 2021. The rich , dark auburn shade combined by the shaggy cut style is trendy. The hair color is stunning in different lighting that give your hair the appearance of a glowing glow under daylight.

#3: Vibrant Shade of Red with Dark Roots
This style is a true red hair shade. While it’s still a part of the category of darker red because of the shadow roots, this is one of the more vibrant variations of hair with a dark red hue. This style adds excitement and drama. It would be ideal if you’re in need of an explosion of hue throughout your day.

#4: Auburn and Dark Red Balayage
Can’t decide between dark and bright hair? Look at this melting auburn-red blend. With hair that is dark red it gives you the advantage of depth in the roots. The bright auburn hues can help you make the most from the red balayage this season.

#5: Ruby Dark Red Hair Color
Dimensional jewel-like tones work as magic when you are looking for brunette hair to be dyed dark red. Highlights that are dark red with deep ruby red will definitely make any hairstyle look more modern. The contrast between the highlights and lowlights, when paired with the lob wavy look is absolutely stunning.

#6: Dark Red Hair with Fiery Highlights
Who says you can’t play with the fire? Make it a little hotter by flaming hot medium-to-dark red balanceage. This dark hue doesn’t just melt intense depth and true red tones, but it also adds fiery red highlights that add that extra glamor. It is a true eye-catcher.

#7: Lowlights for Natural Redheads
Are you worried that darker red could seem a bit harsh for the skin? Request your colorist to lighten the dark red appearance by putting a striking money-piece area around your hairline that gives a soft finish for your skin. The look is perfect to color natural dark red hair.

#8: Natural Auburn Balayage Dark Red Hair Color
Are you a brunette looking searching for hairstyles that are natural? Here’s a style for you! Mix rich dark red with vibrant copper hues, creating an inviting glow and a natural style. Are you able to see how gorgeous various shades of red appear when glowing in the sun?

#9: Two-Tone Deep Red Color
Deep burgundy and vibrant red are beautiful colors that give a fresh look to natural locks of dark brown. Are the two shades of red wine too appealing to pick between? Combine both and you won’t need to pick.

#10: Deep Red Wine
The deep red hue makes me eager to drink winter wine. The plump merlot shade can give a refreshing accent to blonde as well as dark brown hair strands, and enhance it with a sparkling soft and reflective cherry red. If you’re seeking an excellent balance of tone and depth within your locks, this could be the color that is calling your name!

#11: Dark Burgundy Locks
The velvety burgundy color of red hair definitely gets our thumbs up. The dark red hair is ideal for dark skin tones since it reflect the yellow undertones and brings out the warmness in your face.